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Factors Influencing the Quality of Electronic Board Components
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Five key factors affecting product quality:

Five key factors affecting product quality

The five factors affecting product quality are machine, material method, operator and environment. Causality diagram is a chart for finding the cause of a defect or failure. We can use causality diagram to find the root causes of the above five factors.

One of the sources of variation: machines

Tool sharpness of metal cutting machine tools

_Variation of supply pressure of pneumatic components (equipment)

_Precision change of machine

Equipment failure

Sources of variation II: materials

Change of supplier

Material Change of Parts and Components

_Variation of material size

Changes in mechanical or electrical properties of materials

_Material batch difference

The third source of variation: method

Change of production process

_Change of operation method

Change of Tools and Fixtures

Error in setting machine or operating parameters

Source of variation 4: Operators

_Operator's proficiency

Operator's Habits

Does the operator operate in accordance with the operating standards?

Physical and emotional strength of operators

_Operator's working environment

Sources of Variation V: Environment

_Power supply stability

Stability of Water Quality

_Temperature, Humidity

_Air quality

Adequacy of lighting

Cleaning of Workplace

Throughout the above five points, how can electronic manufacturers improve the quality of their products in the production process?

Machinery: equipment playground specifications, maintenance specifications, instrument calibration;

Material: supplier evaluation and inspection, IQC inspection;

Methods: Operational instruction and IPQC test

Operator: Skills training, assessment and qualified induction

Environment: Workplace temperature and humidity control, UPS power supply, particle monitoring in the air, anti-static facilities, etc.

Xiamen Yingruifeng Electronics implements strict quality control in the production process. Our quality concept is: quality management, zero defect, customer satisfaction. From R&D, procurement, manufacturing and after-sales service, quality is our usual requirement. With its consistent quality of Seiko, the refined manufacturing process is adopted to strictly control the quality and ensure that every product has the quality of Seiko.

1. Quality control of incoming materials:

1. The inspection standards of various components are compiled, such as resistor, capacitor, diode, transistor, box capacitor, release coil, transformer, transformer, PCB board, etc.

2. Equipped with test instruments and equipment suitable for components, such as transistor test grapher, voltage withstanding tester, LCR digital bridge, DC regulated power supply, residual current protector, stereoscopic microscope, etc.

3. Sampling inspection of each batch of incoming materials should be carried out strictly according to the relevant standards, so that problems can be found in time and unqualified materials can be prohibited from flowing into the production process.

2. Process quality control:

1. Compiled the PCBA inspection standard and the customer special product inspection standard.

2. The verification of 2 PCS samples before each batch of production is carried out in batch production and the operators can check the operation according to the samples.

3. Major operation instructions are compiled for the production of machine types and processes, so that operators can understand the operation techniques more intuitively.

4. The monitor and IPQC regularly confirm the products produced by the operators.

5. Equipped with test tools and test equipment suitable for production and inspection of various types of machines to ensure that product monitoring meets customer requirements;

6. The whole inspection procedure is set up in the process to ensure that 100% of the products produced are qualified after inspection.

7. OQC will carry out sampling inspection according to standard again before delivery.

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